My Hot And Lucky Winnings

As a kid, I have always wished that I would have a simple life after college. I thought that when I finished my degree, money would just flow in while I relax and take a cruise on my yacht while enjoying my refreshments and the sun with a wonderful view of the sea. But it proved me wrong, when I was growing up, I learned that we need to work in order for money to come in and what I was dreaming of was very expensive and luxurious that only a few can have. But then that was my dream and I still think of it once in a while, but I set it aside as I go about my daily chores and career path. Check our recommendation

One afternoon, I passed by a lottery stand and out of nowhere I decided to bet on random numbers juggling in my head. I just kept the receipt in my wallet and went home and did my daily routines from my cleaning to fixing my dinner and preparing my work stuff for the next day. A week or so have passed and as I was filing those old news papers I saw that there was somebody who won the grand prize of the lottery the other week. I just thought that the winner was a lucky guy and he could live the life of his dreams, and I continued filing and brought it to the stockroom. When I got back to my table, the headline for today was that the winning number last week was not yet claimed, and that was the time I remembered that I have a lottery ticket in my wallet which I took a bet the other week.

I went to get it and indeed I was the lucky guy. But before living the life of my dreams, I have read about hot stocks and I invested half of my winnings in it, so that I would earn from it and I could already stop working when I start to enjoy the dividends.

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