E-Cigarettes: The Alternative Way to Enjoy Smoking

The typical description of a cigarette is a stick rolled in paper with dried tobacco inside, mixed with tar, nicotine and other ingredients that bestow the stick the pungent kick that is a signature trait to almost every cigarette brand available on this planet. Some people say that smoking is one way to calm oneself down; others depict that it’s one way to join the crowd, to become the feathers of the same flock. As long as there are smokers willing to be living with risks, the tobacco industry will always be booming, with the most avid of aficionados ready to cough out the cash to sample what the manufacturers have to offer.

But the downside is always related to respiratory health problems, like bronchitis and lung cancer. Not to mention that even the innocent bystanders will be affected by the smoke and if the butts are not disposed of properly, the drainage system will be clogged up, tables will be messy as hell and non-smokers may have to stay away from these squalid areas or even just wear a mask.

The Cleaner Solution

There’s the other option known as the best portable vaporizer pax 3 review or e-cigar as some people may like to denote. It’s like the normal cigarette except that there is liquid nicotine and there is the battery-powered vaporizer to let the user feel the kick, without the pungent tar and the leftover ash. Plus, the smoke is less troublesome to those who are nearby.
But still, it is best to be of legal age when going to try out the e-cigarette or e-cigar. Quality control is also a necessity as batteries that don’t pass the safety standards will explode in the face and someone will get hurt.

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